Two impactful documents from the State Council and NDRC for 2023 and beyond

December 2022

Exploring the intersections between government, private enterprise, and state-owned enterprises in tech and cloud
Looking back at the former PRC leader's prescient academic article from 2008

November 2022

Plus: The industry's first liquid-cooled storage system
Plus: Alibaba's contributions to China's SOE Cloud
Plus: How Unity China is helping to create China's budding metaverse
Also featuring: bidding results on a major China Mobile cloud storage project & long-term thoughts on cloud in China

October 2022

Concluding our exploration of Eastern Data, Western Computing
A deeper dive into Eastern Data, Western Computing
Peering into one potential future of China's enterprise cloud
Plus: Unity China announces collaboration with Tencent Cloud

September 2022

On building China's first cloud and internet managed services company, and the rise of the cloud in China.